Driving home just now on Sheridan a guy in a pickup thought it would be a good idea to turn left directly in front of me. I hit the brakes (and the horn) hard and we stopped less than 10 feet from each other. He stopped his turn before entering my lane and while I was stopped proceeded to back up into the turn lane and continue on his way. What a moron (I have more choice words for him but shall refrain). This was on SB Sheridan just N of Sloan’s Lake.

I should get a dash cam to record all of these idiots. This morning while leaving the gas station* a person at the red light decided to run it. From a dead stop. Right in front of me. She and I were both waiting for the light to change before turning left. Only she decided she didn’t want to wait anymore.

F&ck!ng morons.

* I say gas station because the sell gas there, not because I use gasoline. Hill Petroleum on Ralston.