I’m crushing on the Nissan LEAF right now, and it’s not even available yet.

Things that would strike me as particularly awesome about driving an EV:

  • no transmission

  • no coolant/radiator/radiator fans

  • no gas, gas tank, exhaust system, or emissions

  • no oil changes because no engine oil

  • no tune ups (because no spark plugs or distributor

  • greatly reduced maintenance schedule (basically just brakes and suspension)

  • ability to recharge at home or work

The drawbacks as I see it are:

  • reduced range (currently about 1/4-1/5 the range of my Golf)

  • expensive battery pack replacement in about 10 years

Still, the no transmission and oil change thing really appeals to me. Plus with the electric motor, it’s full torque all the time. Just connect the electric motor to the wheels and go.