Yesterday I put a new electric radiator fan in my car. It took an hour. I felt useful, like I’d accomplished something. And I had. I have the oil residue on my elbow to prove it.

This might turn into a reiteration of a previous blog entry, so I really should stop here. I have the sentiment that I can do so much… with a computer, with music, with video editing, with whatever. How do I make a company see what a great asset I’d be to them? Whom do I know? No, I don’t have a muckety-muck degree in whatever field you want, but if you’re a tech person and not an HR person, you’ll understand how to really find talent. Like my Great Uncle Norman. Back in the day when he lived in California, he was out flying a model plane and approached by a guy who said, “Hey kid, you want a job?” I don’t think he had even completed college, but soon he was working for Grumman on the B2 bomber project.

I was looking at a RHEL certification questionnaire and was amazed that I understood most of what they were talking about. I have never had any formal training in Linux. All that I’ve learned has been from the internet. But I’ve managed to teach myself a heck of a lot. If a company were to hire me and send me off to get trained and tested for RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer), I know I could pass.

So come on, people! Figure it out! Meet me! Hire me! I promise you won’t regret it.