My girlfriend posed an interesting question last night. Say you’re in a car accident. The police and fire department who show up are paid for out of our tax dollars, right? We don’t have to pay them hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this critical service. Why then should an ambulance ride cost so much? Shouldn’t that be paid for out of taxes as well (as well as healthcare in general)?

Here’s a bad idea: let’s privatize police and/or fire departments. Oh wait, that was done already. If you didn’t have their medallion on your burning house… well let’s just say that “for profit” was the rule.

I think if we all chipped in a little bit we’d all be a lot healthier and happier. Just like Canada. :) I believe that a good quality of life should be for everyone, not just the rich. This includes access to basic services such as police protection, fire department service, and basic healthcare.

Don’t get sick, America. If you do then you’re pretty much screwed.