In stark contrast to the Mad Men line and Brett Williams book title, “You can be right or you can be married,” I believe that apologies are not concessions; in fact the first one to apologize wins. It demonstrates character, introspection, and a commitment to peacekeeping, even at the cost of “winning.”

I also found this when searching the source of the above quotation:

What is interesting about these “Right Fights” is that they are not about needing to be right, but come from the feeling of being wronged, hurt, or unloved. Couples want to right the wrong they feel, and then get mired in their battles over blame. The solution is to address the feeling of being hurt or unloved, by connecting as a couple. Our wounds cause us to withdraw, and that is why communication fails. By remaining close, two people are able to discuss their differences, express their pain, and feel more intimate afterwards.