Computers waste my time. I’m sitting here, incredibly frustrated at the present moment, waiting for some God-knows-how-many gigabytes of files to copy from one hard drive to another. Staring at it doesn’t help. Ignoring it doesn’t help. And this painfully slow and infuriating procedure is keeping me from sleep and keeping me from my love. Every minute I remain awake means one less minute of sleep after a very, very long day.

Sure, this is all my fault anyway. I set up the appointment to copy files after a very long day of teaching and rehearsing. I choose to remain awake instead of kicking the client out and saying, “come back tomorrow when the copy’s done.” And ultimately I choose to be frustrated. I just really want to go to bed now.

This theme repeats constantly in my on-site, on-call computer work. It’s always hurry up and wait for the computer to do something. Computers rock but they also kinda suck.

And no sooner did I write that than he said “I think it’s done.” And it was. I’m wasting no time going to sleep. Goodnight.

One point of contention, though. No offer of financial recompense for my 4.5 hours of work on this computer file transfer tonight as he (just) left. Hmm… Should I have said something?