I’ll write you this poem
As my way to show ‘em
The highest you hold little piece of my heart

A lilt and a beat
A jig with my feet
Do dance with me lightly and slightly apart

My life on a string
My smile does sing
A happier story remaining in sight

Forget about worry
Keep not in a hurry
Enjoying each moment I’m within your light

For pleasanter days
I exit this haze
And plot a course starward, escaping the night

Then spotting an end
Becoming a friend
The end and beginning are one in the same

So hold true to self
Be good, little elf
For nothing, there is, as they say, like a dame

(That’s not the best ending, ‘twas rather quite lame
A different meter to finish the game?)
The curse of the verse is most likely to blame

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