And let me tell you why. I go to someone’s house, I fix their computer. Anything that could possibly go wrong in the next 24 hours does and then I’m automatically to blame. Windows XP sucks. Windows Vista REALLY sucks. Why do people continue to buy crappy Microsoft products?

As soon as possible I’m getting out of the PC tech business. I’ll still fix computers for friends and previous customers, but even if the work didn’t suck so much, it would be too boring to want to continue. Plus that and I’m getting shafted out of all the money I make for another company that hires me as an independent contractor, anyway. They charge the customers $95 an hour and pay me $25 which works out to less than $19 after I withhold all my own taxes. Not to mention I have to pay for my own healthcare. On top of that, on a good day I only do about 3 or so hours of actual work; the rest of the time I’m running around town from one site to another like a bloody pizza delivery guy. No thanks, been there, done that. Now if they offered to split it 50/50 it might be more agreeable to me. As soon as I find another job I’m making them that offer.

To the computer tech franchises: stop sucking the soul out of us hardworking techs. We do the dirty work. You make the profit. What a lovely scam.

To the people who need computer techs: fancy ads mean less of your money goes to the tech who actually does the repair.