Today I spent about 8 1/2 hours at the Denver Combined Communications Center, or Denver 911 for short. This is the building where all 911 and non-emergency calls (720-913-2000) for the City and County of Denver are answered. In the radio room they have the phone operators and dispatchers for Denver Police, Denver Fire, and Denver Health. I’d post pictures if this cool location but I’m afraid that would probably be a breach of security. I can tell you that they use scramble pads to enter the door access codes, so don’t bother looking over anyone’s shoulder. Scramble pads sound more fun than they actually are.

What did I do today, you may ask? Generally not much. I listened do Denver Police DNC disivion 1 dispatch a lot, played some cards, and generally just stood by in case something were to happen. Fortunately not much did and I hope it stays that way throughout the week.

By the way, I have to say for the record that the guy who runs this place, Carl Simpson, is awesome. He’s an amazingly gracious host and so accommodating to the amateur radio operators.