I mostly post these now for my own amusement. I re-read this one after I posted it and I thought I should save it. So here ‘tis:

How many couples you know met in a bar? - 27 (Denver)

Then again, how many couples you know met on craigslist?

I know you. You’re the one who “just happened” to check CL tonight even though you check in here more often than you’re willing to admit to your friends. Maybe you think you’ve got a pretty good life, a good job, good friends, maybe you have a pet who keeps you company at home. You have an eclectic music collection but in truth only a small fraction of those seven thousand songs on your iPod ever gets played with any regularity. Maybe you TiVo your favorite shows: shows your guy friends would never watch with you ‘cause they’re too “girly” but you think they really just haven’t given a chance, and you’re right.

But you can’t help that nagging feeling that something’s missing in your life. You try to dismiss it as your biological clock ticking louder and louder telling you, “you’re not getting any younger, missy!” But on a deeper level, in your heart, there’s a special guarded place that tells you, “I don’t want to be alone forever.” Oh sure, you’ve had boyfriends before, but none of them were “the one.” One of them came pretty close, though, but unfortunately things didn’t work out. You’ll occasionally think of him and all the good times you had together. But you’ve grown, moved on. Where to start? You’re past the bar scene and there isn’t any real possibility at work. Oh sure, there’s “fling” possibility written all over that guy down the hall’s cute butt, but nothing you’d take seriously for long-term potential.

So you try your luck online. Nothing’s caught your eye so far. Wait, now that you think about it, there was this one ad that seemed to have you all figured out….

But it turned out it wasn’t meant to be. The guy was handsome, dark hair and light blue eyes, about 5’10”, in pretty good shape, well spoken and educated, but he wasn’t looking for you. He was looking for someone close to his age, maybe older by a few years, maybe younger by a couple, short, light, quiet and nice… and “cute.” He was probably just looking for someone who reminded him of an ex or some ridiculous image of a “perfect woman” he had in his head. “Heh. Yeah, good luck with that, buddy,” you find yourself thinking.

Ah well, on to the next ad. That’s the great thing about CL and online dating. There’s always the next greatest thing just around the corner….