I’ve been pondering the inflexibility of online social networking relationship status selections. (Say that three times fast, eh?) What do you put when you don’t really feel “single” and you don’t really feel “in a relationship?” There is no in-between to select. So I must conform to the choices they give me, the only options which may define my status in relationship to another human being and consequently to the rest of the world. So I remain single. No need to ask, no need to clarify. There is my life contained right there on a little web profile page for all the world to see.

Or perhaps it’s the other way around. Perhaps I am the one who is inflexible: I cannot bend my own narrow definition of self to conform to their and society’s standards. Or how about I just leave it at this: I am still recognizably single while wanting desperately to select that “in a relationship” checkbox. Maybe in a little while. Maybe.