This is a quick blurb about Disney’s Enchanted and my present-moment feelings on fairy tale endings in general.

I saw the movie Enchanted tonight. Going in I didn’t know what to expect: a childish film? A silly movie? I said that I thought it would be cheesy and I was going to see it to have Disney prove me wrong. That wish was granted: they did. It is a wonderful little film. The first half of the first act runs a bit long and the last half of the third act goes by a little too fast, but overall it was a lot of fun. I particularly liked Disney’s use of classic hand-drawn animation instead of the 3D stuff that Pixar popularized. I love Pixar’s stuff but their style wouldn’t have been right for this film.

As you can guess, it was a happy ending for everybody all around. Whirlwind romances, true love’s kiss and all that nonsense. And it’s really sad—now I’m going to sound totally cheesy myself—but it makes me want a little bit of that in my life. This notion of romance, what’s it all about? In the history of man it’s a fairly new concept. Why oh why did I have to be born in an age of romantic ideals? When does that ever happen in real life, huh? I’m wondering now if the film sparked these questions in me in order to resolve to wait for my princess or to snap out of this socially-spurred delusion and get back to cold, hard reality? My heart wants the former but my head steers towards the latter. This is a constant struggle in my singlehood. I’ll let you know when that’s not an issue.

Don’t hold your breath.