Another reason why I really love running my own email server. Today I tried to log in to my anonymous Gmail account that I created for various identity-protection reasons and i was told that my account was disabled. Disabled. Instantly and without warning. Google sucks and if they ever want to get off my sh*t list they’d better do things right. I have a feeling my account was deleted because of some kind of automated message scanning thing they have going on and not a real live person ever looked at my account activity. That is absolutely the WORST way to run an email service. EVER. I’m a postmaster and proud of it and I would NEVER EVER do things the way Gmail does. But hey, it’s their free service and you play by their rules.

Anyone want an email address in any of my domains? Your email accounts—if they’re with Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, or whoever’s the latest “free” provider—are all at risk.