We all make our own realities. What we perceive is real to us. And we believe what we perceive. So how can we find the truth if our senses are so subjective? Does that mean there is no truth? Or does that mean that we should live in a constant state of disbelief? Hope is a powerful thing and wishes can transform reality, but it is not enough to merely want a thing and thus it is willed into existence. Perhaps our creative energies should be directed towards building a better future rather than fulfilling our own fantasies. But without dreams how can we imagine ourselves a better tomorrow? There are those of us who dream for the better good. But too frequently those dreams are subverted by those closer to home: a friend, a family, a lover. The world is personal. The macrosocm to the entire planet.

I sit here and type on these keys as I contemplate my own situation, my own complication.

No good can come from these rumblings in my life….

No, much good can come from them. But much pain as well.

Roll the dice.