It’s not the law; you will not be penalized for going against it. It’s just a good idea. At least that’s what some people say.

But why is wearing a ring on your left ring finger important in our culture? For some, is it a symbol of status, a declaration to the world that you are committed to another, or is it merely a good idea, silently asking others in your vicinity to avoid hitting on you? Is it a personal choice or religious sacrament? According to my research, men only started wearing wedding rings in the middle of the twentieth century. Those young men who were separated from their wives in WWII for long periods of time wanted a reminder of their girls back home. This romantic notion, coupled with the American jewellery industry’s successful marketing campaigns, led to most modern men wearing wedding bands. Before this time it was mostly the women who wore the rings, possibly harkening back to the days when they were regarded as property.

But this is merely tradition and social custom. There is no law that says married persons must wear wedding rings. So the best thing to do, of course, is ask if you’re unsure. You may find that even though she is wearing one, she isn’t attached. And don’t assume she isn’t if she isn’t. It would be so much simpler if everyone followed the custom, but then where’s the fun in that? Plus people are easier to exploit when everyone follows the rules. Hmm. I think that’s a new osophy.