My cousin’s wife, so I guess that would make her my cousin-in-law, is an avid blogger. She hasn’t been blogging as long as I have but she writes more and her writing is a bit deeper than my blog. 😉

Anyway, here’s an interesting article about organized religion. I’ve been thinking about these issues myself lately and it’s good to get another person’s thoughts on this from inside her brain.!6BBC33760B6EF0BC!1227.entry

My answer/comment to Jill—since her blog doesn’t allow trackbacks or anonymous comments, too bad—is a short anecdote my mom has told me several times. My dad’s brothers (and whole family) are Jewish and one of his brothers married a Catholic woman. “Oh no!” their families exclaimed with grave concern, “How are you going to raise your children?” Well this Catholic woman, who is now my aunt, is very wise. She listened to them and ultimately told them to mind their own business. Her answer was, “We’ll raise them with love.”

Now I have three great cousins.