We had over 50 folks in the audience and it felt like a mostly full house. They were a good crowd but a little more reserved. I’m pretty sure we got all of our lines right. I was a little hungry going into the show. Nick felt ill during intermission, probably the result of a low blood sugar situation, and he rested and drank a Coke and got through Act II. I noticed that both 10A and 10B were patched at the same time during intermission again, I don’t know why. There’s some writing on the patch sheet backstage that says “both in,” but 10A is the piano light and 10B is off center/right: the cue that uses 10A happens I’m pretty sure after “Masochism Tango” so there would be no need for 10B simultaneously, but I may be mistaken. We made all the repatches today. No second bow but it was a good show if a little loose in places. Hank is reconsidering adding a matinee next Saturday as there are still open seats in the other nights; we’ll just say it’s up in the air at this point.w