Report from Wednesday evening.

Last night went well. There were a coule of flubs by the cast, most notible Deb and Rob couldn’t seem to agree on the words to the first verse of “Pollution.” Deb also entered in a strange place during a vamp in “Irish Ballad,” which had me playing catch-up for a few measures. Also Rob skipped a beat or two in “New Math” but it was nothing major and it only happened once. The cast remarked that “Vatican Rag” went the best ever for them.

The house was full and only a couple seats were empty. I didn’t get a five minutes call over the headset at the top of the show. I also forgot to put on my headset until 4 minutes from the end of intermission because we were chatting backstage. I must have nodded my head a little too vigorously at the end of “We Will All Go Together” because the sound and lights went on the last word “go” instead of when they were supposed to. It didn’t really matter, though, because I rather liked how it worked that time and the audience still enjoyed it. They kept clapping all the way up to the beinning of “Marines” and one person even clapped along in time with the music for a while (trying to start a trend, no doubt). The lights q’s were very good, but I heard that they were not repatched during intermission. This made “Hunting Song” look a little strange.