…I’d seriously consider doing it. It will be two weeks tonight that my car was dropped off at their service center. They still do not have an injection pump for my car. I was told last week that they would have it by last Friday (a week after the first estimate). It was not there. Then I was told today. It was not there. Then I was told tomorrow. You can guess what they’ll say tomorrow. Plus it’ll be at least another day until they get it in my car, assuming they even know how to do that. Plus to get a cheap plane ticket back to Vegas I need about 5 days warning—but I absolutely will not book a return flight until I hear from them that they have the friggin’ IP and are putting it in my car. Their rating with me has slipped from a C to a D. Anyone care to go for an F?

VW of North America has something to do with this too: they need to get the blasted parts and keep them in stock!!! What do they possibly think would happen if a few ALH TDIs break down on the road? The owners will just walk everywhere? I’m seriously considering writing VW of North America admonishing them for this preposterous shortage.