We should stop giving hurricanes human names. It is most unfortunate for the people who happen to have the names of these storms. You can bet for sure that Katrina was not a popular baby name last year. The American Indians believe that naming something gives power to it. Just as Hitler ruined the name Adolph for a lot of people, let’s stop giving these hurricanes names that could give them more power and ruin the day for the people who have those names. I wouldn’t mind using the Greek alphabet to start, instead of using them as a backup in case we run out of “regular” hurricane names.

Or perhaps companies should bid for the ability to name a year’s hurricanes after their products. I would be happy with hurricane Snakes on a Plane, Crock Pot, or even Posturepedic. Then the question is should the companies hope for a calm or active hurricane season? Is bad publicity truly better than no publicity at all?