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As my readership may or may not know (though I know not whether I may or may not have a readership), I’ve moved to Denver to start a production company. Our first order of business is to produce a short internet reality/documentary show presently called Living the Dream. It’s about my sister and her move to NYC in pursuit of her acting career.

Right now I’m the middle of production for the first episodes: her life in Colorado before the move, the move, and her establishment in NYC. I’ll be here in New York until the end of August, at which time I will hit the road back to the company homebase in Colorado to edit it together. Any post-/production assistance is appreciated, on scene or remote. Specifically: original music, OMF digitranslation, editorial, and such other items can all be done over the internet. If you’re interested in helping out then let me know. The company does not have any money for payment up front just yet, but we can defer for points. 1% on a 99¢ download may not seem like a lot until you factor in the potential size of the internet audience.