For those of you who haven’t seen it yet: please go see it. It’s not a marvel of cinematic mastery. It does have an agenda, it does have a political view, and Al Gore is longwinded. It’s basically a spruced up version of a multimedia presentation he’s been doing for a long time. He talks too much. It’s not a lot of talking heads, but it is a lot of talking combined with other interesting visuals. But he makes a good point and the movie is not unnecissarily long or unnecissarily longwinded. I never realized until the end of the movie how real and dire the consequences of global warming truly are. And how urgent is the matter.

There were a few plotholes on side roads of the story that when driven over, were this a fiction film, would have damaged our suspension of disbelief or at least put the brakes on our full participation. The filmmakers set up a few personal stories that didn’t pay off, however perhaps paying them off detracted from the theme of the film, took too long, or a combination thereof.

So my advice to moviegoers: go see this movie. Those of you who realize there is a problem and are already doing something about it personally (such as myself) will appreciate the movie. Those of you who want to know more about the subject will learn from the movie. Those of you who think global warming is a myth but are open to new information will (hopefully) learn something from the movie. And those of you who are stubborn in your ways, hate Democrats, think global warming is pure left wing hype, and [insert your own phrase along those lines] should go see the movie anyway because I believe in documentaries in general and you should support the cause even if you disagree with the content.

Or at least click through to this website. Please forgive the overly dramatic music and flash animation, they know not what they do.