This is regarding the Student Affairs Office.

May 26: I noticed I hadn’t graduated yet so I went to Student Affairs and they said they said they’d look into it and that I should check back next week. I felt good after this meeting, like I was being taken care of.

May 31: I followed up as requested and was told that there was a form that needed to be signed by two teachers, that they had requested the form, and that I should check back next week to see if they’ve gotten it and it was being processed.

June 6: I receive a call from the production office (a separate administrative entity closely linked with student affairs but in another building) telling me that the University’s deadline for paperwork was June 15. I tell them that I’ve already spoken with Student Affairs and that they were handling the situation.

June 7: Exactly one week after my first follow up with Student Affairs I do it again, again as requested. I learn that an assistant is handling the grade change and that this assistant would be getting back to me soon.

June 12: Having heard absolutely nothing from Student Affairs yet and with the University deadline fast approaching, I e-mail both professors and ask if they have received communication from Student Affairs on the matter. One of them gets back to me and says that he received an e-mail from Student Affairs about a grade change form that needed to be acted upon by the 15th but he didn’t recognize the name of the student and requested more information; Student Affairs did not respond to his request before he left town; he will not be back until the 16th.

June 13: I had to request an enrollment extension today. If Student Affairs gets the form signed and delivered before the end of the Summer my graduation date will be sometime in August 2006, even though I finished taking my last class in December 2005.

Can you understand my frustration?!?!?!