I’m thinking of producing a video podcast in a short-length reality TV format based on the struggle of my sister to make it in showbiz. The show, tentatively titled Living the Dream, needs to have a model for making money. Either people will pay to watch a 5-10 minute weekly podcast or they will get it free and I will sell short 5-10 second advertising space at the beginning and end of the podcast.

My quandry is this: would you be willing to pay a minimal fee, such as 99¢ per download, or would you prefer a free download if it contained short ads at the beginning and end of the episode? Myself I can tolerate ads if it means it’s free but then again I’m a cheapskate. It also may mean a broader viewing base and that in turn may mean more advertising revenues. But I would prefer to deliver ad free product if at all possible. It just may not be the way to make a living at it.

Here is a link to another weblog article along those lines.


P.S. Funny, I’m watching All the President’s Men in the background, another Washington Post story. 🙂