Quite a dramatic title for such a banal blog entry. I’d like to bring back OAS3: the Online Audition Self Scheduling System. I wrote it over a year ago but haven’t had much use for it since. The premise is very simple. You log in and create a project. From there you attach dates to projects and then attach audition timeslots to those dates. Then you invite actors via e-mail. (In my opinion actors without e-mail are not serious about the biz.) They get an e-mail telling them they’ve been invited to audition for your project. They select an available time and then (hopefully) show up, no phone calls necessary. If they need to reschedule or cancel they can do so via the web. It’s as simple as that. No other bells or whistles.

Now, dear reader, if you’d like to use this system, be my guest. Let me know if it’s worth something to you. You’re welcome to try it out as long as you don’t expect any tech support from me. It’s still a beta project. All I ask in return for free use of this powerful tool is your feedback on your OAS3 experience. That is all.

Enough! Take me to it! Go to OAS3 now! (link no longer available)