I figure it’s safe to blow off some steam here, so here goes:

I hate my apartment. It’s spacious, I have it all to myself, but here are some of the things I just can’t stand:

  1. The NOISE. I will absolutely without a doubt live next in a place that has less noise. This is divided into sub-categories:

  2. Traffic. Busses, trucks, obnoxious “cool” cars, extremely loud motorcycles, deafening stereo bass booming “gangstas,” the emergency vehicles that go by at least once every hour. The only relief I get is once or twice a year when they shut down the streets for marathons and runs. Aah! So peaceful!

  3. The park 50 ft. across from my building where they play soccer all the time: whistles, yelling, shouting, all the standard soccer-related stuff. Don’t these people have jobs? (see #2)

  4. Arial bombardment: planes and helicopters. The whirly-birds make the most noise. (see #3)

  5. The DIRT. From the soccer playing. Wafts right up into my apartment, coats everything. Thick. The only alternative is to keep the windows closed, but that seems to instantly raise the temperature in my apartment 30°.

  6. The NEIGHBORHOOD. There is some kind of gang headquarters two buildings down the street. Police helicopters frequently orbit the area, rattling my windows.

So those are my reasons for moving. I shall report on my new abode once I find it and take it.