Yahoo! We’re done. We screened all ten mixes of the back half of Rogue 379, the pet 581 project the class adopted for our exercise. I was generally happy with mine with the exception that the voiceover and some of the dialogue seemed a bit too low in places. (Of course it sounded fine in Dub A.) Maybe the dialogue became so ingrained in my mind that I thought I heard it louder than it actually was while I was mixing it. OR maybe the Dub A to Hitchcock Theater translation wasn’t perfect after all. At any rate, Chris said he was really impressed with the overall quality of everything coming out of the class and even said there were two teams he’d hire based on what he heard tonight. Of course he didn’t say which teams, which makes me wonder…. I’d like to think that mine was one of them but I can’t be that pretentious. At any rate, I think we (the class) impressed him. That bodes well for getting a job in post sound in the future.