So this lady’s car breaks down right at the intersection of WB Adams at Hoover, in the #1 lane (that’s the left lane). And I decide to help her out. Traffic’s backed up a long ways and there’s narry a cop or tow truck in sight. She called AAA but they’ll be a who knows how long. Meanwhile the natives are getting restless.

But what can I do? I don’t have a cop car with pushbumpers to just push her car out of the way…. But then I remembered something: I have an old pair of sneakers in my car. I grab them and some duct tape and proceed to fashion a makeshift pushbumper on the front of my car. I tell her what to do and I get the driver next to her in the #2 lane to hold up at the next green so we can get through. The light changes and I nudge right up to the back of her car and push it through. She coasts to a stop on the right side of the road next to the bus stop. She thanks me and I gead on my way, smiling. Job well done and good deed for the day accomplished. Although with the ingenuity it took to get that one done, it might as well be good deed for the month.