Advanced Sound class went to visit Chris Jenkins at the Alfred Hitchcock theater at Universal last night. They’re just finishing printmastering for The Interpreter. We got to watch (and listen to) the first reel. Too bad I can’t say anything about the movie. Not that I don’t want to, but I’ll have to wait until April 22nd to give my thoughts on the film. (Or April 13 in Europe—weird, huh?) What I can say is that the Harrison digital console they’re using at Universal looks like it’s going to shape up to be pretty awesome. It’s basically a prototype—it has some issues still to work out as they’ve only mixed two movies on it so far. It has waveform scrolling, 10-second cache looping (sans ProTools), plugins, and all sorts of Jenkinsised features. Anyway, it might be fun to work at Universal some day, starting possibly as a mix tech and hanging around their Blue Wave studios, where they do transferring, QC, remastering & digitizing, trailers, you name it. Chris says some folks who get a good start have musical backgrounds. I cerainly qualify for that. 🙂