Found Kevin Thompson’s blogsite (well, okay, I asked him today in class), and from there that took me to Cindy Fang’s blog. Yeah, they’re cool, I guess. But they don’t run their own webserver like me and I’ll bet dollars to donuts they didn’t install their blog software themselves. :) Okay, geekiness rant over.

So I stand corrected about my previous post. Well actually I sit corrected. Not corrected, more amended. Just because I didn’t know something existed doesn’t mean that I was wrong. Okay, I was wrong. Very, very wrong. But now I have a thing against this domain. They seem to be exclusive of other blogs. They don’t even have RSS syndication, I mean, come on! And where’s the trackback feature? What self-respecting blogger doesn’t have a trackback feature? How can I write about someone’s blog entry behind her back while wanting her to know about it without trackbacks! Trackbacks, I need you!

Okay, now geekiness rant over.