Ever since I got Elgato’s EyeTV 200 thingie, my life has become more fragmented. I start to watch a TV show but I pause it at the first commercial break because I want to make chocolate milk and write a weblog entry about how my life is fragmented. Then I get back to the TV program program and skip the commercial breaks for the rest of the show because I’ve built enough of a buffer to skip them. So in a “real” hour I get stuff done in one big block of time (say 20 min. or so) and leave the rest of it to the “network” hour (the remaining 40 min. or so). Ideally. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way but thank G-d for the gizmos that let the attention deficit generation live attention deficit lives. I’m not saying that I’m ADD. I’m just saying that the ADD consumers drive the marketplace and I reap the benefits. Anyway, enough chatterwauling (yes, that was intentional). Time to get back to Law & Order: Criminal Intent. 🙂