The behavior of a government does not necessarily reflect upon the behavior of its people.

An individual unwilling to entertain an alternative viewpoint is unworthy of my time.

One who is unwilling to listen is also afraid: afraid that he may be wrong.

We are all wrong.

11/10/04: “In one’s quest to find all that is there, one is bound to find that which is not.”

12/24/04: “On the road of life, there are no speed limits.” (Much like how Montana used to be.)

These are just a few “Philisms” (now known as Phil’s osophies) that I came up with. That doesn’t mean that they’re original. They’ve probably been thunk up before. I just wrote them down as they came to me, the 100th monkey. Hopefully as I come up with more clever osophies I’ll enter them in this blog instead of hoarding them all to myself.