Americans have spoken.

And besides the fact that Bush is tanking the economy, besides the fact that a Supreme Court Chief Justice may need to be replaced soon and basic women’s rights are at stake, besides the fact that untold thousands of people have been killed, besides the fact that education is slipping away, the American people, still paralyzed with fear and insecurity from the attack, voted for their security blanket, George W. Bush. He’s not the smartest blanket; heck, he says things like “subliminible,” and when he’s not reading off a script he sounds like just some Texan bully who stumbles and stutters when he speaks. He’s not the most honest blanket, claiming whatever reason he thinks we’ll buy in order to START a war in a region that already hates us. He’s the worse of two evils and I truly wish that Kerry hadn’t conceded to him, but if that’s Kerry’s character, then maybe I’m glad Bush won. If we’re forced to choose between a spineless intellectual or a resolute moron, which is better? Some choice. I contend it’s no choice at all. I just hope I don’t get drafted and have to find out. ☹️

Yes, Americans have spoken. But you know what? Americans are stupid.