…you can frequently hear sirens approach and turn off.

…you are awakened at 0230 by the sound of cars peeling out, possibly from a drag race.

I have learned that I have a low boiling point for annoying sounds. It’s just part of my nature. Loud obnoxious sounds irritate, rattle, and anger me to the core. Honking car horns, backfires, screeching tires, stupid noisy exhaust mufflers (intentional or not), bus and truck engines, low-flying and orbiting helicopters, banging doors, car crashes, window-rattling bass from a passing car, door security alarms, and stupid fucking car alarms are items I must cope with on a daily basis where I live. Unwanted noise is my windmill. Unlike sight, the ears don’t blink. Ever. Imagine on that for a moment.

I simply can’t abide people who use their car horns to signal their arrival to a friend inside an apartment. In an apartment building IN WHICH I LIVE. These people should be placed in a locked room and subjected to their car horn constantly until they decide not to use their horn for anything other than urgent driving situations.

Peace on earth.