My server’s front web page is getting hundreds upon hundreds of hits. My counter says I’m racking ‘em up. So why does it feel like my server is in a little corner of the internet? Actually, I like it that way. Unfortunately, Google found my site so it may not stay that way for long. Heck, people, it’s only on a cable modem right now! Upstream rates are mediocre at best. Okay, I admit, I submitted my site to Google. Shame on me.

In other news, I bought Avenue Q at the iTunes music store today. Talk about instant gratification! It was both instant and gratifying. I don’t mind having instant downloads even though it may stand against some part of my philosophy; I can justify it by saying I didn’t buy a CD so no plastic wasted, I didn’t drive to a store so no petroleum products wasted. I delayed entropy by saving energy. But most importantly of all, it’s funny and I enjoy the music. So beat that with a stick. Ha.

Tomorrow I have a Complete Day Off™ and I worry it will merely serve to enhance my procrastination factor. I really need to get stuff done but all I end up doing is writing in this stupid weblog not saying anything anyway. Okay. That does it. I’m out.