So I made it through the first week. Monday night’s directing class is with the venerable Jeremy Kagan, and although he never formally introduced himself to us, I was able to infer as much. Wednesday is and will be by far the longest day I’ve had in class at USC so far. We start the Production III class at 0900, break around 1200 for an hour lunch, and re-convene in our respective sections (directing/producing, editing, camera, sound) in the afternoon. In addition to that, the sound section has a Friday workshop most every week where we get more hands-on experience with equipment and such. Technically, my Tuesdays and Thursdays are totally free but I doubt they will remain that way in practicality.

Aside from school, I have carried 98% of my belongings up to my room and have unpacked roughly 60% of them. By far the heaviest item was the Korg. It was also the most awkward which made it that much more difficult; it is also the most rewarding item along with the computer now on which I type. I think I need to do laundry now but I’ll wait ‘till tomorrow.