Tesla FSD 10.3.1 Initial Feedback

After a brief kerfuffle on Sunday going from software version whatever up to 2021.36.5.2 and then down to 2021.36.5.1, the Model 3 is now on 2021.36.5.3 and I can offer some initial impressions of its capabilities from observing it briefly driving around my town.

Straws and Camels

This will be a quick post because I have to get back to work. The thing that drove me over the edge to temporarily(?) deactivate my Facebook account was when I considered how someone was talking to me in public on that platform and realizing that she would probably never speak like that to me face to face.

Going Paperless (NG)

Going paperless. It’s a conundrum as it usually creates just as much work as it tries to solve. Perhaps applying machine learning to the documents will help ease the workflow.